What drives you to be who you are? Is it faith in who you are and strive to be? Or is it fear of failure, the ‘don’t do that’s’ and keeping both feet on the familiar path in front of you?

When we’re led by fear – it’s negative thinking, the critical doubts and the worries of the unknown that create our façade of success. Yet, when we have faith in ourselves, we open up countless opportunities for growth and real success in every aspect on our life.

So, are you being led by fear or faith?

Read more from Perth coach, Conrad Francis to discover the power of fear and faith – which one will you choose?


The power of fear


Fear, the less-expletive, but dangerous F-word nonetheless. Fear has stopped many a bright mind from persevering, led to regrets in life and career and overall halted many an ambition, dream or goal in its tracks.

But, as a Perth coach, I understand you don’t need a definition of fear. It’s an instinctual sensation that humans and other living things have felt since the dawn of time.


Instilled in us early on, here’s where fear has helped us:

  • When we learnt fire is hot and shouldn’t be touched
  • When we learnt not all creepy crawlies are our friends
  • When we learnt to look both ways before crossing a road, and much more.

Through our parents and mentors, we were told ‘don’t do that,’ and even some of us were warned of the devil and hell. What about when fear no longer helps us, but controls us?


Overthinking breeds doubt, which in turn, feeds fear, leading to situations like:

  • Not attending that networking event because of self-doubt
  • Not booking the trip of a lifetime because it’s out of your comfort zone
  • Not applying for your dream job because you don’t meet 1/5 of the criteria
  • Not working to your full potential on a project because you filled your mind with self-doubt

When fear stops you from living your life, it’s not helping you anymore, it’s harming your potential.

A Perth coach will show you the path to your future is in faith, not fear.


The power of faith


Wouldn’t you rather pursue something because you really wanted to? Not just because you were told to, it’s comfortable or ‘it just makes sense,’ – but because you wandered off the beaten path and lived your life, to get it?

Faith is the ability to believe, usually associated with a higher power, but most importantly, in yourself.

Faith in yourself, your abilities, what you can and WILL achieve will lead you to a life to be proud of.

A networking partnership, a job promotion, a personal relationship or even a hobby project – when you have faith, everything becomes clearer.


Faith allows you to:

  • Take a chance – it’s not called a ‘leap of faith’ for nothing
  • Apply yourself into activities with greater drive
  • Venture out of your comfort zone every now and then to great effect.

While being led by fear is the easier route in life, being led by faith tastes and feels so much better!


We all have the opportunity to change our lives for the better. A Perth coach will help you turn doubt into drive, worry into wishes come true and fear into faith.

Believe in yourself and not much else can ever stand in your way.

Want to achieve faith in who you are and what you can be? Contact Conrad Francis today to see how a Perth coach will set you up for a faithful future.