Right here, right now, is it lockdown or opportunity? It’s definitely a partial lockdown, but when it comes to opportunity – that’s up to you to decide.

Businesses are shutting up shop, people are unwell, we’re social distancing and staying home for our health – this could be the time for despair if you’re not in the right frame of mind.

However, with your Perth coach, it could, in fact, be time for opportunity.

Want to see how you can learn, reflect and rise above after this lockdown? Read more from Perth coach, Conrad Francis to find out how.


Lockdown or opportunity?

Believe it or not, the choice is yours…

Lockdown is negative. Opportunity, on the other hand, is positive.

Opportunities can be anything from:

Right now, in Australia, as we work from home, isolate and adapt to new social distancing measures – it’s time to ask yourself this important question, is it lockdown or opportunity?

Let Conrad Francis, a high-performance Perth coach and mentor break it down for you.



Change your thinking

All words have meanings behind them.

For example, summer may make us think of hot weather and sunshine, and friends of laughter and good times. On the other hand, words like ‘quarantine,’ ‘lockdown’ and ‘isolation,’ may induce feelings of panic, uncertainty and forced separation from loved ones.

Not even 3 months ago, quarantine may have conjured up images of hazmat suits, lockdown may have made us think of prisons and isolation simply seemed strange – it likely still does.

There’s no denying that the words quarantine, lockdown and isolation are now used daily and are becoming part of the ‘new norm’ amidst the current global health crisis.

However, we have power over the way we think, and when we change the way we think, the meanings behind our words change:

  • Quarantine – is necessary for travellers and people infected with the virus to stop the spread
  • Lockdown – in our homes (not prison) prevents community spread and gives us opportunity to spend more time with our immediate family – how blessed are we to have a home to stay safe in?
  • Isolation – although physical, doesn’t mean social and complete isolation. it’s important to stay connected; the internet and video calls really can bring us closer together.


“When we change the way we think, we change our lives.

What most people do not understand is how powerful our thinking is and how involved it is in our health.”

Bob Proctor


Your Perth Coach is here to help you switch your thinking and see opportunities from the comfort (and safety) of your home.


Reflect and rise up with your Perth coach

It’s time to change your patterns and create opportunity through hardship:

Conrad Francis, Perth life and business coach can empower you to:

  • Transform your negative thinking into positive thinking
  • Make sense of your career and life goals
  • Energise your potential
  • Keep you accountable for the success in your career, finances and life.


These times are unprecedented, and our future is unknown. Coaching can help you realise opportunities for yourself and those around you.


It’s easy to fall into a rut, especially with the doom and gloom of the current economy and uncertainty of the world we live in.

What’s vital now, is to shift your thinking, stay motivated, positive, grateful and productive.

You want to know if I think lockdown or opportunity? Here it is – it’s a partial lockdown, necessary to save lives, and opportunity beckons for you to behold and unlock it.

Need coaching to get you through hardship? Contact Perth coach, Conrad Francis today to see how you can make opportunities for yourself and turn the negative into positives.