Where you will be in ten years’ time will be very different than where you are now.

Sure, you may be in the same home, same relationship and even same job – but where you are mentally, spiritually and within yourself, will likely (and hopefully, positively) change.

A lot can happen in a year, this year especially, so imagine what could change in ten!

Want to know how to positively prepare to be fulfilled with yourself in the next decade?

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Solid choices today for a better tomorrow


The choices you make today will influence who you are tomorrow, with the big decisions such as those relating to education, career, love and friendships, influencing who we are in ten years’ time.

For example:

  • Choosing loyalty over selfish, short-term gain,
  • Choosing to educate yourself, open your mind and live, and
  • Choosing to stand out, instead of fitting in,

Can really influence your sense of self, identity and interpersonal relationships.

It’s completely in your hands whether, in ten years from now, you’ll look back and feel glad of the choices you made.

Learn the guidance and motivation you need with help from a Perth life and business coach.



The values needed for a fulfilling future


What are the values needed for a fulfilling future? Well, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ for success, but there’s definitely good qualities and values we can all put in action now for our future.

Consider these qualities for a fulfilling ten-year transformation:

  • Self-discipline: controlling feelings and overcoming weaknesses,
  • Empathy: for others and ourselves,
  • Gratitude,
  • Determination, and
  • Motivation to succeed.

If you need help attaining and finetuning these values within yourself, talk to a Perth business and life coach today about visualising your future goals and becoming a better version of yourself.


Look to the future in the now with a Perth coach

Not sure where you’ll be in ten years? Too scared to even consider it?

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Imagining yourself in ten years’ time will allow you to hone in on what needs to be done to get there.

Here are some common 10-year goals I see:

  • A fulfilling career with good financial freedom,
  • A confident social life,
  • A loving family, and
  • A rewarding and accomplished life.

So, ask yourself if the choices you’re making today are only benefiting the present ‘you.’ If yes, these may not be contributing to, but jeopardising your future success.

If you have the motivation to achieve your ten-year goals or need the motivation in your life – a Perth life and business coach will get you there.


Meditation, motivation, goal-setting and visualisation are the keys to unlock your best, future self.

Why wait?


Need help getting to where you want to be in ten years?

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