Heartbreak is something that affects us all – from our first experience of death, relationship breakdowns, personal crises, worldwide tragedies and anything that tugs on our heartstrings.

While it’s not something we like and look for, heartbreak is actually necessary for human growth.

Want to know how and why? Read more from Conrad Francis to find out.


What is heartbreak?


You probably already have an idea of what heartbreak is. The very word and thought of it may cause uneasiness in the stomach and pangs of pain and loss.

Surely, we can all look at our past and see how we’ve already dealt and moved on from heartbreak.

We might have moved on in less than impressive ways, with vices to take the pain away – but what if I told you there was a better way to grow and learn from our pain?

Philosopher Rumi said: “The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

We had to know defeat, suffering and struggle to know appreciation, sensitivity and understanding once suggested psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

The pain is often a catalyst to our growth process, and where we lose something, we allow space to gain something greater.


What can we learn from heartbreak?


  • Pain and suffering are different – pain can be a means to an end, like childbirth or crying to release emotion. We choose what makes us suffer, as this is our resistance to pain.


  • Heartbreak suggests we live for the past and choose comfort and familiarity over true happiness. This may show why we give second chances to those who’ve hurt us or look back fondly on a relationship that tore us to shreds when it ended.


  • That we only really turn inward when we’ve reached rock-bottom. Start on the inside, rather than the outside when it comes to changing your life for the better.


  • A breakdown is merely a breakthrough and we don’t have to have one to see the light.


  • Like the philosophers said time and time again, to feel joy – we must know pain to get us there.


  • We are responsible for much of our emotional and psychological self-affliction.


  • Healing is entirely dependent on our determination to succeed in ourselves.



Your Perth Coach at the end of the tunnel


Energise your life again and grow from heartbreak with the help of a Perth life coach.

With the realisation of pain, comes the determination of betterment.

As a high-performance life and business coach in Perth, Conrad Francis can show give you the tools and motivation to succeed, to learn and let go in your personal and professional life.


The human experience is a tough one – we laugh, we love, we lose, and we learn. Yet some of us forget to really live our experiences, especially the difficult ones like heartbreak.

Emotion is not a human flaw – but how we control our hurt for the better, leads only to growth and a better path towards life fulfilment.

You could let heartbreak and loss consume you, or you could learn and grow from the pain, and turn heartbreak into opportunity with your Perth coach.

Need help getting over heartbreak? Contact life coach, Conrad Francis today to learn the skills to rise about it all and turn heartbreak into something wonderful.