2020 has already shaped up to be a downward spiral, from bushfires to COVID19 changing lives, ending lives and shaking up life as we know it. It’s seen worldwide trials and tribulation, and it’s only May!

In these times of economic uncertainty and health crises, one thing is becoming clearer: every day is not promised, and we shouldn’t take our lives for granted.

Need help understanding why? Read more from Perth Life and Business Coach, Conrad Francis on how to stay motivated in these hard times.


Hold your loved ones close

The whole world needs a hug right now. While this isn’t exactly possible, and the Australian Government has implemented social distancing measures (and rightly so!), it doesn’t mean we can’t be there for one another.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Schedule a regular phone or video call with self-isolating loved ones
  • Download one of the new apps to help you stay connected – from Houseparty to hangout, these apps can help you stay social in isolation
  • See if you can help deliver groceries to vulnerable people in the community
  • Appreciate all that you currently have, not what you may have lost

There’s no better time to check in with loved ones than now. Life shouldn’t be taken for granted. More and more we’re seeing that every day is not promised – from life itself to livelihoods and job security.

So, how can we move past and put our best foot forward?


We will recover

As Australians, we are known for our resilience. We keep calm, have a laugh, a beer or two and carry on. Yet, our pubs and social clubs have recently been forced to shut up shop, our holidays postponed and catch-ups rain-checked.

Now it’s time to go inward.

No – I don’t mean retreat into ourselves, emotionally distancing from those who care, but rather, meditate and reflect on our future goals.

Here are some questions to ask ourselves:

If self-isolating already:

Now is crucial to allow time-out for yourself in these uncertain times. Switch off your mind, tune out from the paranoia, keep to the facts and stay safe and responsible out there.

Your Perth coach is here to guide you through the unknown, and plan for your future – whatever and whenever that may be.


A promise to you from a Perth Coach

As a Perth business and life coach, I am here to help you stay motivated during the current economic and health situations we’re facing.


Remember, we’re all in this together and we can all flatten the curve, protect the vulnerable people in our community and protect our physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing and financial wellbeing

My promise to you is to help empower you, inspire you, motivate you and keep you upbeat, accountable and optimistic about the future ahead.

The power of positivity (as well as adhering to proper medical advice) will ensure we come out of the COVID19 crisis as better people, better equipped for a rewarding future.


Need motivation and guidance in difficult times? Contact Conrad Francis today for business and life coaching that will keep you motivated, accountable and positive for the future.